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Deborah is one of a kind. I have gone to dozens of nutritionists over the years and not one has worked.  Her "tell it like it is" New Yorker personality and vivacious humor, combined with her overall knowledge of nutrition is insurmountable. She finally gave me the push I needed to drop 75+ pounds (and I'm still going), while I was able to eat all the foods I would normally eat. 

In addition, her support and friendship have turned into the most reassuring parts of my weight loss journey.  Her willingness and excitement to embrace this change with you will never leave a customer unsatisfied.

Lexie K

New York, New York

Deborah is the most helpful and caring Diabetes Educator I have worked with! She has helped me every step of the way both food-wise and emotionally with managing my type 1 diabetes. She is consistent even when you can't be. She becomes the voice in your head helping you shop right, cook right and eat out right while managing your blood sugars. What is making the difference for me this time is the support and consistency, the personal attention and the undying belief that I can succeed!

Jessica P

New York, New York

Deborah has been instrumental in helping my son, Wyatt go from being severely underweight (off the growth chart) and eating only pureed/liquids at 10 months to a much healthier, and therefore happier child two years later.  He now has a wide variety of food he will eat throughout the week, either at home or out at a restaurant!  I am so grateful Deborah is part of Wyatt's “team” and an integral part of our approach to dealing with his disabilities.  From tasty recipes and feeding schedules to calorie-boosting tips and supplements, Deborah is a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Wyatt has come such a long way and I have her to thank for her commitment to him and his health.  Deborah truly cares about her clients and develops a personal connection to each family and child she works with.

Eve T

New York, New York

Deborah has been a wonderful nutritional support for my son for the past year and a half.  He is a very picky eater and it has been challenging to make the best choices for him to get the best calories in the healthiest way.  Deborah is always offering creative and practical suggestions to help us succeed. She is professional and friendly and we always enjoy and benefit from our appointments with her.

Alanna S

New York, New York

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I have been working closely with Deborah for almost five years now. I was introduced to her through my endocrinologist but ever since then, she has become my mainstay go-to-gal for everything diabetes. Although I had been using an insulin pump for fifteen years when I met her, I was still having difficulty learning how to keep my blood sugars stable and in a healthy range. I was treating my diabetes by an antiquated system. Deborah brought me and my health care into the 21st century.

Because of all of Deborah's creative ideas and suggestions, I have learned an enormous amount about managing my diabetes. She has taught me how to best utilize my insulin pump so much so that I can go out to a restaurant and eat just about anything on the menu. My life has changed enormously through the guidance and tenacity that Deborah has shared with me. She is a kind and patient and astute woman who takes great pleasure in her responsibilities when it comes to diabetes management and her patients. 

I am thrilled to have had my case fall into her hands. I have recommended others to her, and I will continue to do so. 

Elizabeth D

Brooklyn, New York

I have only the highest of praise for Deborah and her work at MyFace and the IRPS at NYU Langone Medical Center. Our 21-year old son was already underweight when we met Deborah for the first time, just three days pre-op. He’s always been known as a "picky eater”, who can be quite rigid and limiting about his diet. Under Deborah’s guidance, as soon as he left the hospital, we were counting calories and grams of protein he consumed every day, to prevent further weight loss and build him back up again with quality protein for his recovery. She taught us well, and gave us her original recipes, along with many lists, suggestions, and other recipes as well. 

Deborah never hesitated to meet with us, take our phone calls, emails and even texts when we were floundering especially in the beginning stages of his recovery. She even followed up to confirm he was eating properly. Besides sharing the breadth of her knowledge with us as parents, Deborah's personality and sense of humor engaged our son's attention and cooperation. We are four weeks' post-op and I still carry her recipes and lists with me when I go food shopping, for ideas of what i can prepare while his jaw heals. We are forever grateful Deborah was there for our whole family, to help facilitate our son's recovery. 

Janet N

Albany, New York

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